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Nytt år og nye opplevelser

Tur på Klimpan  1. januar 2012

Tur uti Sildbokta



 Skiltet til Averøyas høyeste fjell

On the maps from Statens Kartverk, the highest mountain on Averøya island is named Mekknøken (Norge 1:50,000) and even Mek-knoken (Økonomisk Kartverk). The local name, which you will find on trailsigns, is Meekknoken
The mountain has its name from the place Mek (map name) / Meek (local name) on the south side of the mountains. This website will refer to this mountain as Mekknøken, but at least the reader is now aware of the local name.
Mekknøken is a coastal mountain, and offers excellent views toward the mighty Trollheimen, Sunndalsfjella and Romsdalsfjella mountain ranges, and, of course everything west of these ranges. One of the major Averøya tourist attractions is the Atlanterhavsvegen road. This road connects Averøya island to the Moldehalvøya peninsula. The other access point is the Bremsnes - Kristiansund ferry.
Mekknøken is an easy mountain to reach, and there are several routes to the top. This web page will describe the route up Nekkstaddalen valley. This is probably the shortest route to the top. You also have the option to visit the neighbour tops Fagerfjellet (634m) / Holstuva (626m), if you want an extended hike.


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